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The Invictus Wellbeing Program is a long-term multimodal wellbeing experience that can be integrated into a school over one or four years. Students are given a lived experience of positive psychology, combined with ongoing outdoor education and regular memory events that have been custom made in order for students to harness skills and ways of thinking that will promote resilience and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

The program is built around four elements: Network, MasterJourney and Serve - each thoughtfully created to cover a wide range of issues and build the global competencies of the future. A full curriculum including lesson plans, online resources and event descriptions make it straight forward for teachers and facilitators to deliver the program. The content draws on the research of Dr Martin Seligman (Positive Psychology) and a number of other leading academics, ensuring that the framework is evidence-based and philosophically robust. It combines outdoor education, skill mastery, soft skill acquisition and service learning to encourage participants to develop the type of outlook that enables them to live lives defined by self-confidence, curiosity, empathy and compassion. During each element, students are invited to take part in a significant memory event that epitomises the life lessons learnt in the corresponding segment of the curriculum.

The Invictus Wellbeing Program is now available in two formats. The Classic Program covers all four elements and memory events within a single year. The Extended Program (or Invictus X) cover the duration of four years, from Year 7 - 10. 

If your school or organisation is looking to teach wellbeing through a targeted program and facilitate a rite of passage for its young people please contact us or register using the links below.

four elements

 online resources &
Journals provided

embedded recognition award

1 or 4 year program

memory event resources


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