Our Story

At Invictus we believe that wellbeing is about living in harmony with ourselves, others and the world around us. This, however, does not always happen naturally, so Invictus was founded in order to shape culture and empower the next generation to be leaders capable of building a better world.

In a culture that promotes rugged individualism, we believe that generous and reliable relationships are the best foundation to build our lives on. In a society of quick fixes and instant gratification we believe that consistency, commitment and passion are what enable mastery of both skills and character. In an age of convenience, we believe that the journey of life requires resilience, curiosity and confidence. And in a world of self-centred consumption we believe that thoughtfulness, kindness and reciprocity pave the way from childhood to adulthood.

Mostly though, we believe that a better world is in the hands of our young people and on her way as they live full, meaningful and examined lives.

*      *      *

The Invictus Wellbeing Program was founded by   Joshua Brown and combines the latest findings from positive psychology and lifestyle medicine in an engaging pedagogical framework to give young people a lived experience of life to the full.

So what does it look like?

Think of Invictus as a new subject that can be plugged into your school's existing timetable, there is a ready made set of online resources that are available for teachers or facilitators. These lessons draw upon the research of Dr Martin Seligman and a number of other leading academics in order to provide a philosophically robust and evidence based framework for the program. We combine outdoor education, skill mastery, soft skill acquisition and service learning to help transition our graduates into outstanding young adults who remind us that another world is on her way!
During each element students are invited to take part in a key memory event that epitomises the life lessons learnt in the corresponding curriculum.

Participating students are also given the opportunity to work towards a bronze, silver or gold award in recognition of their unique achievements. This is a challenge by choice component of the program and requires completion of the Invictus sign-off sheets during the classic version, or the creation of an individualised InvictusX Pathway during the extended version of the program.

If your school or organisation is looking to provide a rite of passage that harnesses the power of a village to raise a child then contact us.

"We need to be masters of our fate..captains of our souls. Resilience is established through Invictus!"
- John Hendry OAM.

Hear from our awardees

  1. "Invictus is something that will change your life for the better."
    Flynn Coughlan - Gold Award
  2. "I really enjoyed Invictus because I connected with people I didn't really know."
    Lauren Brown - Gold Award
  3. "All the end of term activities have been really fun and worthwhile."
    Noah Davies - Gold Award
  4. "Invictus has made our grade so much closer."
    Olivia Bush - Gold Award